The VBMA National Officers are veterinary students that volunteer their time to run the organization at the national level. As a team, the board is responsible for maintaining relationships with our generous sponsors, ensuring regional leaders and chapters have the resources they need to thrive, and carrying out the day to day operations. National Officers are chosen each spring and carry out a half year term as a national officer-elect and then a full year term as a national officer.

AK Mitchell


AK is a DVM Candidate at Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in the class of 2025. Born and raised in Mississippi, she also attended Mississippi State for her undergraduate studies where she majored in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and minored in Business Administration. Her veterinary background is primarily in companion animal medicine, and she loves connecting with both pets and pet parents in a general practice setting. She holds a special interest in feline medicine, shelter medicine, interpersonal communication, and brand development. In vet school, she found her passion for working with people through MSU’s outreach programs. She has served as the Director for MSU’s Vet Camp in 2022, a “Role Model” for the Starkville Boys and Girls Club, a Coordinator for the VetAspire Program, and a Student Envoy for the Office of Admissions. In her time outside of vet school, AK enjoys kickboxing, listening to podcasts, finding the best local coffee spots, and attempting to keep plants alive. She is a Diet Coke enthusiast and currently in her cat mom era. She is a huge fan of Friends, Gilmore Girls, and Grey’s Anatomy. If you actually took the time to read this, you should ask her how her cat’s diet is going. Fun fact about AK: before deciding to pursue veterinary medicine late in her senior year of high school, she actually wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Navy. She is greatly looking forward to taking on the role of National President, where she will serve as the primary liaison with VBMA sponsors and VBMA alumni. She is excited to explore what new opportunities could exist for all VBMA members.

Hayden Brines


Hayden Brines is a 2025 DVM candidate at Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine. He graduated from University of Mississippi in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Minors in Biology and Math. During his undergrad, Hayden worked at Crossroads Animal Hospital, where his dedication and passion to veterinary medicine grew. Hayden is ecstatic for this next opportunity of involvement as part of the 2024 National Board. His favorite parts of VBMA are the numerous opportunities to meet and make connections with others across the country as well as hearing from corporations and business owners on how to be successful in the field of veterinary medicine. He hopes to instill a sense of community, inspire future leaders, and drive others to achieve their goals. Hayden enjoys hunting, spending time outdoors, reading, and woodworking. He has 1 black Labrador Retriever named Sage, and 2 cats, Butch Cat-ssidy and the Sundance Cat. Currently, Hayden is undecided of what direction in veterinary medicine he plans to pursue, but he has interests in small animal surgery and business management.

Candace Haney


Candace Haney is a 2nd year veterinary student at Cornell University. She is originally from Long Island, New York, and attended SUNY Binghamton for her undergraduate degree, where she majored in Biological Sciences and minored in Health and Wellness. Eager to find connection within the veterinary community, Candace became involved in VBMA her first semester, which she quickly fell in love with. During the 2023 year, she served as the Fundraising Chair of the Cornell VBMA Chapter, and her amazing experience urged her to pursue VBMA at the national level. As the 2024 National Veterinary Business Management Association Treasurer, she feels incredibly excited and grateful to continue to spread the value of VBMA and help others pursue their passions. In the context of veterinary practice, she strives to promote effective team dynamics, healthy work-life balance, and mental health. She is planning on going into small animal general practice, but also has an interest in exotics and business management. In 2021, she adopted Sage, her sweet (and sometimes spicy) tabby, who never fails to brighten her day. In her free time she loves to travel to new places, cook, bake, thrift, and run or hike outside.

Randal Howard


Randal is a 3rd year student in the inaugural class of the Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine. He was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas and received his Bachelors of Science in Animal Science from Texas Tech University in 2018. As a lifelong Red Raider and as a member of the inaugural class, he was eager to find ways to get involved within the school. He first got involved with the Texas Veterinary Medical Association as a student representative and is currently serving as a Sr. Delegate and sits on the Board of Directors for the TVMA. He was also one of the founding members for the VBMA chapter at Texas Tech and served as the Vice-President in 2023. He values making connections and friendships within the veterinary community and enjoys attending conferences in his spare time. Randal has a diverse background within the veterinary industry and has spent time working in mixed animal, equine and small animal/exotics practices, but has come to love small animal and exotics emergency medicine. He plans to eventually own his own practice after graduation. Randal’s interest in private practice ownership is what lead him to become involved in the VBMA. He understands the importance of learning the buisness management skills required to own and operate a practice and looks forward to applying these skills upon graduation. Outside of veterinary medicine, Randal enjoys spending time with his wife Cheyenne and their 5 dachshunds, Maverick, Sophie, Cowboy, Bexley and Zuko.

Jasmine Blattner


Jasmine is a 3rd year veterinary student at Colorado State University. She is passionate about improving the wellbeing of veterinary personnel through modern management strategies. Growing up, Jasmine raised both beef breeding and dairy cattle through 4H and FFA. She fostered a passion for food animal medicine that follows her to this day. She carried out this passion through her role as AABP media manager in 2022-2023. Additionally, she completed a large animal disaster preparedness and emergency management internship over the summer of 2023. Through this internship, she gained FEMA certifications and worked closely with the Colorado State Veterinary Office. When she’s not working with cattle, She continues to work hard as a skilled small animal ER/ICU Technician. A title she has held since 2018. Given the tough challenges that ER medicine has to offer, she discovered what burn-out and compassion fatigue was first hand. She wanted to know why this was happening nationwide, so in 2019 she completed an honors thesis project on Veterinary Burnout Across Northern Colorado. Her experiences and thesis spurred an interest in business and management. She has fostered this through her many roles within the VBMA. The most recent, as the 2024 National Marketing Director, a role that she is eager to serve over the next year. In the future, she is interested in practice ownership, mentorship (both as a mentee and a mentor), urgent care medicine, emergency medicine, and large animal medicine. Outside of veterinary medicine, Jasmine loves spending time with her Bernese Mountain Dog named Wesson, two cats named Kimber and Winchester, and her 6 freeloading chickens. She also enjoys hiking, target shooting, fishing, and kayaking. Finally, a large part of her life includes fostering and growing her faith. She serves as a summer bible school leader at her local church and a member of the Christian Veterinary Mission.

Carson VanCampen


Carson VanCampen is a third-year student at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, where she served as UF’s Chapter Vice President in 2022. Carson is from Stuart, Florida, and a 2020 graduate of Berry College in Rome, Georgia, where she was a student-athlete on the Berry College Volleyball Team. At Berry, she earned her BS in Animal Science in 2020 and Master of Business Administration in 2021. Carson is passionate about leadership development, personal growth, and being a hype woman for everyone she knows. Her goals are to be the best teammate she can be while working daily to carry out her core values of being team first, disciplined, relentless, loyal, and classy. Carson hopes to pursue small animal and exotic general practice. Her major dream is to be a veterinarian for Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park and participate in Disney’s conservation efforts. She loves to watch movies in her free time, take her dog, Sprout to the park, cuddle with her cat, Mushu, and spend time with family and friends. As a the 2024 Compliance Director she hopes to lend a helping hand to the students and colleagues she works with, be a positive energy source, and grow in communication and leadership skills. Carson is very thankful and honored to be a part of the National VBMA Board and can’t wait to work with students nationwide and make new connections.

Officers President Vice President Treasurer Marketing Director Compliance Director BCP Director
2023 Megan MacRae Emily Davis Doug Ferry Emma Law Mitch London
2022 Madison Baumgartner Joe Thurston Delaney Rominello Jack Miller Tiffany Galen  Kyleigh Tyler
2021 Lindsay Harris Xanth El-Sayed Courtney Mooney Thomas Kile Luci Krenzke Jessica Meseck
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2019 Ricky Walther Emily Farmer Samuel Tucker Amanda Sautner Shiloh Landskov Rebecca Mears
2018 Rachael Ostrem Becky Beardall Cody Land Faith Ramsey Rachel Katz Abbey Earle
2017 Lance Kidder Kate McDaniel Jack Perkins Joseph Kamper Laura Philbin
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2015 Hatley McMicking Jayme Cicchelli Katie Bishop Kristin Wuellner Anastasia Handwerk Emily Tincher
2014 Bridger Smithers Brittney Dawson Melania Lang Brandon Thornberry Caitlin Davis Maggie Canning
2013 Rebecca Eddy Stacy Bartholomew William Hodges Hannah Leventhal  
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2009 Juliette Hart Steve Tousignant Adam Berman Cyndie Johnson Mandy Wallace  
2008 Kevin Finn Ashley Stich Ava Redig Michael Jennings Kaylee Yoshimoto  
2007 Tonya Sparks Vivian Koo Kaylee Yoshimoto Nina Kieves Melissa Austin  
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2005  Carmen Yeamens  Kate Lobus  Cassi Haslett Secretary: Amy Graham Mohl     
2004 Meghan Stalker  Raina Petrov  Cassi Haslett Secretary: Jessica Gentile