Each year the incoming National Board plans an interactive and inspiring conference, which is attended by chapter officers representing each VBMA chapter. The National Meeting and Officer Training places an emphasis on training the next generation of VBMA leaders while also providing the unique opportunity for chapters to connect with industry professionals and collaborate on ideas for the upcoming year.

Join us for our 2024 National Convention and Officer Training

Hello Chapter Officers!

I hope everyone had a rocking summer for some rest and relaxation, and you’re ready to roll for the school year ahead! The 2024 VBMA National Board is pumped to be sharing some preliminary information regarding the 2024 VBMA National Meeting and Officer Training! As many of you are in the early phases of your 2024 VBMA Chapter Board selection process, we encourage you to share this information with interested candidates as National Meeting and Officer Training is one of the many perks of being an officer.

Let’s get it started off with completing the Officer Census!

2024 Officer Census:

The 2024 Officer Census will be available on MyVBMA in early October and will be due by 11:59pm EST, November 1st. Every chapter officer who will be serving their term during the 2024 Spring Semester is required to complete it. This means we are asking that each chapter has their 2024 board members selected before this deadline. This will also serve as registration for the 2024 National Meeting and Officer Training. Interested chapter advisors are also encouraged to attend the National Meeting. Chapter Officers or Advisors who do not complete this survey by the deadline run the risk of compromising their chapter’s good standing and may lose their ability to send officers to the National Meeting and Officer Training (see more information section below).

If you have any questions on any of his information, please direct them to Hayden Brines, the 2024 National Vice-President, at