The Business Certificate is the culmination of the lessons taught through the VBMA curriculum, and is a tangible representation of the knowledge ascertained by VBMA members through their time in the program. Comprising either 16 (Business Certificate) or 32 (Business Certificate with Honors) hours of educational credit, completion of the Business Certificate develops the business knowledge of each student and readies them for a productive career in veterinary medicine as a successful associate or business owner.


Through interactive lectures, workshops, and events outside of the rigorous veterinary school curriculum, the Business Certificate graduate is aware and knowledgeable about the concepts of  business and personal finance, management, emotional intelligence, marketing, and more. The Business Certificate is founded on the following four pillars:
  • Category 1: BUSINESS FINANCE



Business Certificate

The Business Certificate comprises 16 credit hours of tangible business education, with 4 hours required in each of the Business Certificate Program categories. This is an excellent overview of veterinary business topics, and Business Certificate graduates are sure to recognize all of the most important business principles for any path they choose within veterinary medicine.

Business Certificate with Honors

The Business Certificate with Honors comprises 32 credit hours of business education, and is attained by the student who wishes to complete a program of more comprehensive study with advanced training in communications, leadership, and business. The Business Certificate with Honors allows for creativity and adaptability to individual interests, and serves as a tangible display of the student’s desire to learn many skills beyond that which is taught in the conventional veterinary curriculum.

In addition to the 32 credit hours of business education, Business Certificate with Honors graduates complete a comprehensive Honors Portfolio that includes over 15 separate skills with great applicability to future careers and practice management. These Honors Portfolios are submitted to practicing veterinarians and industry professionals within the same area of interest as the applicant, who then evaluate the portfolios and provide constructive feedback. Students gain invaluable insight into how they can best fulfill their potential as a well-rounded veterinary professional upon graduation. We are proud to offer this ability to network with top industry professionals to all of our Business Certificate with Honors graduates. 

For VBMA members that would like to complete the Honors Portfolio, please visit or click here for the Honors Portfolio Application.

To ensure that all VBMA chapters consistently deliver the highest caliber of graduates, the Business Certificate curriculum is standardized across all participating VBMA chapters.

Check out the Business Certificate and Business Certificate with Honors curriculum below. Interested in joining a VBMA chapter to begin your own Business Certificate? Contact your local chapter’s executive board today to get started.


Silver Business Certificate

The Silver Business Certificate comprised 16 credit hours of tangible business education, with 4 hours required in each of the Business Certificate Program categories. It was discontinued in 2017, though was similar to the current Business Certificate.

Gold Business Certificate

The Gold Business Certificate with Honors comprised 32 credit hours of business education, and was similar to the current Business Certificate with Honors, though with the exception of the Honors Portfolio. It will be discontinued in May, 2018.