Lance KidderPresident

Lance, a Western Washington native, is currently a third-year at Washington State University. Growing up with 4-H and livestock on a small farm, his early experiences with veterinarians made him excited to join such a caring and unique profession. He eagerly anticipates the day when he might support others by enriching the bond that exists between them and their pets and livestock.  With an interest in communication skills, preventive medicine, and overall animal health and wellness, Lance is considering a career in small animal medicine or rural mixed animal practice.

During his veterinary education, he has found wonderful opportunities with the Veterinary Business Management Association and is proud to serve as the 2017 National President. He is pleased to have the chance to promote the development of crucial business and personal management skills for students across the profession.

Over the past few years, he has treasured his role as WSU VBMA vice president; empowering the success of his colleagues in their professional and business aspirations while finding innovative ways to promote learning with interactive sessions and networking opportunities.

As a Pullman resident for the past 5 years, his favorite recreational activities include canoeing and his bicycle commute to campus. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.